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Maximum Supplements for Men DMCA Policy

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act provides a legal remedy for copyright owners in cases of copyright infringement. Should there be any material, content, image, or video on this website that imposes on your rights according to the United States Copyright laws, we encourage you to send us a copyright notification. A compliance agent will be responsible for handling your notification, and the necessary steps will be taken to comply with applicable federal and state regulations. Please understand that false claims or misrepresentations are illegal under federal laws, and should you be found guilty of making such false claims or misrepresentations, you will be responsible for damages.

Kindly include the following details in your copyright notification:

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Counter Notification

If you own the rights to a certain material or content on this website that you believe was removed due to an error, you may choose to submit a counter-notification to inform us of the error and allow us to reinstate your material or content. Kindly include the following details in your counter-notification:

A compliance officer will be responsible for reviewing your counter-notification, and if your counter-notification is deemed valid, your material will be restored on our website in no more than 14 business days. If your counter-notification is rejected, you may send another counter-notification. Please note that counter-notifications are carried out under penalty of perjury. Making false, frivolous claims or misrepresentations is illegal according to federal laws, and if you are found guilty of making such claims, you will be held liable for damages, including legal fees and missed business opportunities.